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About Us

Our practice was formed in 1993 by therapist Susan Dee.

Initially a sole practitioner, Susan was shortly joined by partner and fellow massage therapist Alex Stones.

Together they formed the service that is still operating and thriving to this day. But since then, we have grown quite a lot.

Now we are joined by six very able and talented therapists.

Our services range from Hot Stones Massage to Aromatherapy.

We also offer Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

In early 2018 we are very excited to be able to offer a Chiropractic service, which will complete our practice range.

All our practitioners are dedicated to alleviating pain and promoting wellbeing in their clients. And all of our therapists have their own personal stories to bring to their practice.

But, for Susan, hers was extra pertinent as she was herself a sufferer of chronic pain, before she discovered massage therapy in 1989.

Since then, she has trained and become dedicated to helping patients relieve their own suffering.

Our therapists are all well aware of the need to tailor their treatments carefully, for their individual clients.

We know that no one size will fit all, when it comes to massage therapy.

Therefore, your first session will be a voyage of discovery for both the patient and the therapist. This is where the therapist will discover your personal needs and your own pain threshold.

Once a therapist has learnt more about their patient, they are able to go on and treat them more successfully.

This is why we always offer a discount on our initial treatments, for all first time clients. We view the first session as a consultation and a ‘getting to know you’ session.

We also advise our clients to book a series of treatments with our therapists and to return to the same practitioner, as they will grow to know your body and your needs the best.

We look forward to your first treatment with our service!

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